Nick Psomiadis was born in 1968 Melbourne Victoria, has lived and worked his entire life in this Great City of ours. Leaving school at the age 17 to commence a career in Fine Art Jewellery making where he served his 5 year apprenticeship and soon afterwards started his own business and eventually opening up a studio in Melbourne CBD where he crafted jewellery until 2004.

Photography began for Nick long before the age of 17 and the 35mm film camera always had a special place in his heart. In summer of 2011 Nick made a career changing decision to pursue his dream and is now focusing all his energy in the art of photography.

He is able to capture moments in time in amazing locations and covers a large range of sceneries. His ability to create an aesthetic approach within these places creates an emotive feel and response to his artworks through his technical professionalism of photography.