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Picture Framing FAQs

Great picture framing takes care and consideration, drop by or give us a call and we will happily answer as many questions as you may have to help provide the best framing solution for you. In the meantime you may find some answers to your questions below.

Q:How much does framing cost?

A: Because we are a custom picture framing shop, we can give the most accurate quote once we’ve seen the artwork and talked with the customer

Q:I saw a picture at the gallery (NGV, NGA etc). Do you have it? Can I get a reproduction of the image?
A: If the print is commercially reproduced we research the possibility of getting a reproduction for you in the size you desire.

Q: What are your hours of business
A: We are open six days a week, almost every day of the year. Monday – Friday 10 – 6, Saturday 10 – 5.30.

Q: Do you hang pictures?
A: Yes, our rates are very reasonable

Q: I change my pictures frequently and I don’t want to have lots of holes on the walls
A: We supply and fit hanging tracts which ensure flexibility and piece of mind for you.

Q: Do you do consultations and how much do they cost?
A: Yes and our initial consultations with you are free

Q: Is there an obligation to proceed after an initial consultation?
A: No, of course not

Q: Why order prints from SPG/P+ and not just straight off the internet?
A: We are reputable supplier of art works with a long history

We have a quality guarantee.

We offer a one stop shop from sourcing, shipping in and framing.