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Lynda Britten

Lynda Britten’s work is inspired by the landscape and its inhabitants and has exhibited extensively across Melbourne.

Anne Warren

Anne’s process is responding to images that are juxtaposed into a new environment allowing the audience to take on their own meanings. She has completed Diploma in Visual Art as well as her Bachelor in Fine Art at RMIT 2009. She is currently exhibiting her works as well as teaching within mixed media, collage, assemblage and drawing workshops.

Tony Cashmore

Tony was born in Melbourne, and grew up from a love for playing piano and drawing within the arts. He learned to paint with oils and acrylic from his parents who were also artists and soon was selected to study with A.D. (Archie) Colquhoun, a famous realist artist and teacher in Melbourne.

At 14 he was already seen as a developing artist in which he later had his first exhibitions at the Northcote Town Hall. He studied Fine Arts and Architecture, in which he then went to work in Paris as an architect. He is now based in China continuing to paint alongside his career as a architect.

He loves the wild, changing landscapes of Asia and Australia, and represents them essentially in strong watercolour techniques that are highly regarded by privileged collectors. Tony’s paintings are represented in collections in Australia, France, America, Malaysia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and China.


David Tyrwhitt

David Tyrwhitt was born Bristol, England. He was a renowned exploration geologist and involved in the establishment of the Telfer Gold mine. He travelled extensively in his role of CEO of New-mount mining and Ashton Mining. During his travels he was inspired by the natural beauty of many countries. He has started with sketching them and later, transformed them to oil painting. He has been painting since 1999 and was strongly influenced by well known Melbourne artist Brian Kewley.

James Butt

James Butt has many interests across the creative sector of the arts including painting, printmaking and music. His painting, drawing and wood lock prints consist of many layers within his artworks creating an interesting and aesthetically pleasing textured surface. His use of wood materials and textures can be seen and his latest passion and interests within wood block prints that he is currently working with.


Sara Paxton

Sara is an landscape oil painter  in which over time she has developed her own unique style. She has been a featuring artist within our gallery for some time now and has her latest works currently displayed in the gallery.

She grew up in the UK and came to live in Sydney in her early 20’s and is currently living in Melbourne Victoria with her three children.

She has been a part of many solo and shared exhibitions with interest in her work coming increasingly from Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia.

Vanessa Neil

Matt Irwin

John Olsen

Emma Webb